Prenatal Development

What you need to expect for the next 9 months!

What happens first?

The first time period is known as the germinal stage and takes place from 0 to 2 weeks.

Several things happen during this period including:

- the amnion, placenta, and umbilicalcord are forming.

-the egg is implanting into the uterus.

-the cells are dividing.


The second stage is the embryonic stage, the time period of the embryonic stage is from 2 to 9 weeks.

Many things appear and form during this period:

- the internal organs form

- the vertebrae and spinal column are forming

- limp buds are appearing

- eyes and ears are forming.

The Last Stretch

The last stage is the fetal period, this is between 9 weeks and birth.

All the finishing touches happen during this stage:

- limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes form

- facial features are forming

- languo grows

- eye brows and lashes grow

- vernix covering body

- growing rapidly towards end of pregnancy

Things To Avoid

-tobacco smoke

- fish with magnesium

- raw seafood

- alcohol

- no exercise

- caffeine

- saunas, tanning beds, hottubs

- sleeping on your stomach

Normal Symptoms

- absense of menstral periods

- mood swings

- frequent urination

- nausea

- vomitting

- tender breast

- food cravings

- heartburn

- dizziness