Roberts and ECHS Newsletter

Week of September 20th, 2021

Week two in the books!

After a second week, things are running smoothly over at Buildings 50/51!

  • Students are getting the hang of our flexible schedules and our late start Wednesday.
  • Our picture day went off without a hitch (see details about makeups below!)
  • Our senior kickoff for ECHS students was a huge success this week, and we are amping up for a solid senior launch for Roberts at Chemeketa next week!

As we look to week 3, we are excited about the ongoing developments and opportunities for our students!

  • We have our first round of accelerated classes ending next Friday- students who are taking blocked classes with our colleagues from Chemeketa will be earning their first credits in Math and Language Arts!
  • Students attending Chemeketa classes will begin next week and start to earn dual credit with ECHS and CCC!

Please reach out to advisors as you have questions and let us know how else we can support your students in their educational journeys!

~ Brad Shreve, Principal & Miranda Cryns, Assistant Principal

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On our website, you can learn about Roberts High School at Chemeketa, Roberts Middle School at Riverfront, Roberts GED at DTLC and Roberts SLC at State Street.

Please review our bell schedules, with late start Wednesdays and details for each site!

You can apply to join our programs on the Roberts at Chemeketa Website. Space is currently limited, but a staff member will reach out to discuss what pathway you are looking for.

You can access your online classes and Canvas dashboard through our websites:

Roberts Schools:

ECHS: currently under construction, but it will be available soon!

Roberts at Chemeketa and ECHS ONLY:

Pictures, Badges, and Lanyards

If you were able to take your picture at Taking Care of Business Day or this week during class, please make sure to have your photo ID badge attached to a lanyard while you are on campus.

You might ask WHY?

Starting next week, college classes are going to start and some of them are in 'college hall' on the Building 50 campus. We want to be able to identify who is an ECHS or Roberts student, and who is a CCC student. You can help us by wearing your badge and lanyard every day. This helps keep our campus safe, support our college partners, and to cut down on the adults stopping to ask you about your badge.

If you forget your badge and lanyard, no problem! Stop at the front lobby kiosk and we will give you a temporary one for the day!

If you lost your ID badge and lanyard, come to the main office and we can print you another.

If you weren't able to get your photo taken, we are offering a makeup day on October 29th.

If you are a parent on our campus, you can get a photo taken with your child on the October 29th date as well!

Closed Campus & Lunches

As a reminder: Building 50/51 is a CLOSED campus, this means that you are not permitted to leave campus at lunch to get food. We offer a free lunch and breakfast to all student in the gym and the library. You are welcome to bring a lunch, or even have one delivered within the lunch period times.

An additional precaution with Covid, and for the safety of our students, we ask that you do not eat in your car with other students. Having your masks off in a small enclosed space is not following our safety protocols of 3 foot distancing and masking.

Thank you for helping keep us safe and secure at lunch time!

Home Coach

Families and guardians, if you have any questions or concerns about school, access to technology, what to do if you or your student is exposed to Covid 19, please call us on our Home Coach line!

English and Spanish available to answer your calls and support your needs

Mondays 4-5:30pm and Tue-Friday 4-5 pm

Just call 971-260-5930

Or you can access important information and resources on this website: