Causes Of The Revolutionary War

By: Jared Haddon

The Proclamation Of 1763

The French and Indian war is over! The colonist have won the war with the help of England, and the colonist want to go view their new land. But the king fears another war, and passes The Proclamation of 1763 to not allow any colonist in the Ohio River Valley. The colonist are angry, but they listen and follow the law.

The Stamp Act of 1765

England needs money after the French and Indian war. They decide to tax the colonist to get the money the need. One of these is the Stamp act. All paper products have to have a special seal on their on the papers that cost extra cash. This lead to protest groups burning the papers.

The Townshend Act of 1764

This is another act that taxed a lot of goods the colonist used everyday. Things like glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea. It also allowed for English soldiers to search peoples home for smuggled goods.

The Boston Massacre 1770

This takes place in the streets of Boston. Angry colonists one one side, and English soldiers one another side. The colonist are yelling and swinging clubs at the soldiers. One soldier gets hit in the head with a club, and when he recovers he fires his gun, killing a person. The rest of the soldiers then fire their guns and five people are killed

The Tea Act 1773

The Tea act is exactly what it sounds like. The colonist loved their tea, and the British thought it would be a smart idea to tax the tea, and make it to where they could only buy it from England.

The Boston Tea Party 1773

The Boston tea party takes place after the Tea act. The British had taxed the tea, and the colonies were going to protest. Three people dressed as Indians boarded a tea ship and dumped over a million dollars of tea into Boston harbor.

The Intolerable Acts 1774

After many protest in Boston, the British had enough. They decided to close down Boston harbor. Hundred of English ships blocked the harbor, no one in, no one out. they assumed this would make the people of Boston more obedient, but it just made it worse.

The Battles Of Lexington And Concord 1775

The battles of Lexington and Concord are the first battles of the revolutionary war. After being warned by Paul Revere, the millita of Lexington met the British soldiers. The millita lost the fight and the British marched on to Concord to seize the arsenal there. The colonist hid the weapons and the British didn't find them. On their way back to base, the millita of Concord surprised them and forced them to retreat.