American Hostage Killed in Yemen

Failed Rescue Attempt

Who, When, and Where

This is about Luke Sombers and Pierri Korkie, and how they were killed by Al-Qaida in a failed rescue attempt by navy SEAL team 6. This event happened on December 6, 2014.

The event takes place in Yemen, where the two men were captured.


On 12/6/14, Luke Sombers and Pierre Korkie died when American navy SEAL team six were trying to save Luke Sombers from Al-Qaida. The SEALs didn't know about South African Pierre Korkie though. When Al-Qaida fled, both men were badly wounded. They were pronounced dead at a navy ship in the region. This was a failed rescue attempt. President Obama said he wanted Luke Sombers and any other people with him to be rescued. Sombers was supposed be executed on 12/8/14. This event struck many people.


I think this is important because many people are being captured. How will you know if you are going to be captured next? Who says Al-Quaida will only be in the Middle East? They can go to any other region without us knowing. We need to keep a very close eye on them. If we don't stop these kind of terrorist groups, we will be in danger every second of our life. It is scary to think you could die any second, right?


I think we should put a stop to this. If we don't, we wouldn't be able to go anywhere. We would be too scared because we might get captured. I don't want to end up like Luke Sombers. Other parts of the world should join with the countries who want to stop these kind of people. There are terrorists everywhere. As I said earlier, who said Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are only in the Middle East? I think people should join together to stop terrorists, not just to save others, but to save themselves.