Stewart Stampede

January 2022

Happy New Year!

Here we are! It is now the second semester of the 2021/22 school year. There are 91 school days left before the summer break. I hope everyone had a wonderful break and got plenty of rest. We have several things planned for the next 91 days and I know you don't want to miss a thing. Besides the awesome activities your teachers have planned, we have several activities planned for the whole school. A calendar for the second semester has been included in this newsletter. Please mark your calendars!

I would also like to take this opportunity for all your support for our movie nights, holiday store, book fair, turkey trot and holiday parties. It's wonderful to be able to celebrate with our students and families. I hope you enjoyed these activities as much as all of us did.

The next 91 days will be full of important academics. Students will be learning many concepts and teachers will need your full support during these next few months. How can you help? The best way to help is to:

1. Stay connected with your teacher and the classroom activities. Communicate regularly with your child's teacher about their progress.

2. Read every day with your child. Research tells us that reading makes us smarter. Readers display greater knowledge of how things work, vocabulary, and language development, as well as information on people, places, and things.

3. Regularly work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Automaticity is important and is achieved when students can state the answers within 3-5 seconds.

4. Ensure students eat healthy meals and get plenty of rest each day.

5. Limit your child's exposure to technology and social media. Use technology for research and academic practice through challenging games. Make sure you know what your children are involved in while using technology.

6. Arrive to school on time. Give your child enough time to enter the building, walk to their classroom, put their things away and greet their their teacher and classmates. This gives them time be ready for learning when the 8:00AM bell rings.

7. Attendance is important. Schedule appointments after school or on days off. Plan trips in the summer to avoid missing school.

8. Ask you child about the concepts they are learning each day. Talk about their learning every day. Teachers will communicate what is being taught each week. This is how you can stay informed of the concepts your child is currently learning.

9. Share thoughts about the character traits we study each week. We follow the curriculum from the Positivity Project. The character strength for the week will be sent to you each Sunday afternoon. This will make a great topic for discussion at the dinner table on as you travel to participate in after school activities.

10. Encourage your child to challenge themselves and to always do their personal best.

Thank you for partnering with us to help your child grow personally and academically. Every child is important and we strive to provide them the very best instruction and encouragement. It takes all of us working together to provide the tools they need as they grow.

Please don't ever hesitate to reach out you the teachers if you have questions or concerns. They are there for you. The administrative team is also here for you to support you and your family. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns as well.

Thank you for all you do!

Dr. Julie English

Making a Reservation for Lunch

Parents may make a reservation to eat lunch with their child. Below is information about how to make the reservation.

1. Parents may reserve 2 spots for adults per student. Younger siblings may join you.

2. You must sign up for each grade level lunch you want to attend.

3. We ask that you sign up only once per month, so that every parent has an opportunity to sign up.

4. All visitors must check in at the front desk with a current picture ID.

5. Use this Sign up Genius Link to reserve your spots for the month of January.

We look forward to seeing you!

PTO Meeting - Friday, January 7th

This month's PTO meeting will be held virtually. We hope you can join!

Meeting will begin at 9:00AM.

CISD Western Art Show

The CISD annual Western Art Show will take place on Saturday, January 8th at McCullough Jr. High. Please click HERE to access the flyer for times.
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Rezoning for Stewart and Gordon-Reed Elementary Schools

Please take a few minutes to review the various maps that have been posted to the school district website. Although this rezoning impacts mostly students who currently reside in the Stewart attendance zone, it also has a small impact to other schools within the Conroe feeder zone.

To help Stewart families better understand the attendance boundary maps posted, I have included a list of the grade level configurations for the various scenarios. You will need to look at the actual maps to see how the boundary lines are drawn.

Scenario 6.2.3 will change Stewart to a K-4 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 562 students), and Gordon-Reed will open as a K-6 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 686 students). At the beginning of the 2022/23 school year, the 5th and 6th grade students currently zoned to Stewart will be zoned to Gordon-Reed.

Scenario 6.3.4 will keep Stewart as a K-6 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 678 students), and Gordon-Reed will open as a K-6 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 569 students).

Scenario 7.3.2 will keep Stewart as a K-6 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 705 students), and Gordon-Reed will open as a K-6 campus (with an approximate enrollment of 570 students).

Scenario 7.3.3 is the same as 7.3.2 except for the proposed movment on the east side of I45. The zoning for Stewart and Gordon-Reed is the same as what is proposed in 7.3.2.

The ABC presents the proposed zoning recommendation that will go before members of the school board. Two dates offered for the presentation are:

January 10th @6:00PM through Zoom.

January 11th @6:30PM at Stewart K-6

Both presentations will be the same.

The ABC presents the zoning recommendation to the Board of Trustees on January 18, 2022.

We hope that you will put these dates on your calendar. We want to ensure our community is informed and hear your thoughts and ideas.

Watchdogs Kickoff!

We're still planning to have a Watchdog Kickoff on January 18th but it will be handled a little differently than we have done it in the past.

Because we are limiting large group gatherings, we will send out a video about Watch Dogs explaining more about the program and how our dads can help here at school. Shortly after the video we will send and email with a link to sign up for particular days and times.

We're so excited to have our dads back in the building again.

WatchDOG Volunteers!

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COVID Protocols

Conroe Independent School District has updated the COVID protocols for students and employees. You can view the protocols at:

Utilizing this website will help answer questions about positive results and exposure. This website can be used to answer many questions you might have about quarantine requirements and when to return to school.

Stellar Student and Mighty Mustang Celebrations

Celebrations will take place on Friday, January 21st.

Campus Events

As of now, we are at a Health Alert Level 3 which includes limiting large group meetings on campus. We have a few events coming up in January which may require some adjustments or rescheduling. Currently, the plan is to wait another week before we make any changes.

Go ahead and put dates on your calendar and we will keep you posted if there are changes.

Counselor's Corner

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Personal Items

Please label all personal items with your child's name. This includes jackets, water bottles & lunch kits. These items are often forgotten around campus by students. We do try to get them back to the correct owner, when we they are labeled. The lost and found grows quickly and can be overwhelming to look through for our younger students. Talk to them about tieing jackets around their waist or leaving them in the classroom when possible. Together we can try to make it easier.

Weekly Text Messages and Emails

Just a reminder that a text message and email is sent each Sunday afternoon at 4:00PM. This communication (Stewart Happenings Week of...) includes weekly reminders for families. If you are not receiving this communication, please contact our registrar to update your child's information.

Contact information

Karen Scambray

PTO Information and Updates


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Stewart Marquee Birthday Shout Outs

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a special student, teacher, or staff member? PTO offers birthday shoutouts on the Stewart sign! The birthday message will say “Happy Birthday (names)” and will be posted on one side of the marquee for your chosen school day! It will also be the perfect birthday photo op! Shout outs are $20/name. The marquee is available for up to three shoutouts per school day. If you would like to reserve a birthday shoutout, please book online at

6th Grade Math Credit by Exam Parent Meeting

It's the time of year for our sixth graders to make plans for their 7th grade year at Peet Junior High. An important part of their plan includes making a decision about advanced math, which includes whether a student should take 7th grade level math, 8th grade pre-Algebra or 9th grade Algebra. We will be holding a virtual meeting on Thursday, January 13th at 6:00PM to explain the process and how students can place into classes through a credit by exam assessment.

Zoom meeting:

Thursday, January 13th at 6:00PM

Crossing Guards

Our crossing guards are placed in intersections to help students and parents cross Woodforest Parkway safely. Please be sure to follow their directions so that all our Mustangs can stay safe while traveling to and from school.



7th - PTO Meeting

10th - Rezoning Meeting through Zoom

11th - Rezoning Meeting at Stewart

13th - Parent Meeting - Math Credit by Exam for 6th grade students - virtual

17th - Martin Luther King Day - no school for students and staff

18th - Watch Dog Kick-Off

19th - Coffee with the Counselor

21st - Stellar Student and Mighty Mustang

21st - Mother/Son Event - Bingo

22nd - Honor Band concert - times TBD

27th - 100th Day of School


4th - Father/Daughter Event - Dudes and Dolls

9th - Club Pictures

10th - Stellar Student and Mighty Mustang

14th-17th - Random Acts of Kindness Week

18th - No school for students and staff

21st - No school for students and staff

25th - Go Texan Day


2nd - Dr. Seuss Day

8th - 3rd Grade Program 6:00PM

10th - 3rd Grading period ends

10th - Field Day

14th-18th - Spring Break

25th - Stellar Student and Mighty Mustang

28th - April 1 - Book Fair

29th - Spring picture day


7th - Kindergarten graduation pictures

7th - 2nd grade program 6:00PM

14th - Stellar Student/Mighty Mustang

15th - Good Friday - no school for students and staff

18th - no school for students and staff

29th - Stellar Student and Mighty Mustang celebrations


10th-12th - STAAR Testing

13th - 5th/6th grade picnic

17th - Fine Arts Concerts - more information coming

18th - Fine Arts Concerts - more information coming

23rd - Awards Ceremonies - more information coming

25th - Kindergarten graduation - time to be determined

25th - 6th grade clap-out

26th - 6th grade Promotion Ceremony

26th - Last day of school - Half day for students

24th - Awards Ceremonies - more information coming