St. Mary's University

By: Elizabeth Tharayil

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About St. Mary's University

St.Mary's Univesity was founded by Marianist brothers and priests on August 25, 1852.

The Marianist brothers and priests found St.Mary's University to...

  • Educate formation in faith
  • Provide an excellent education
  • Educate in the family spirit
  • Educate for service, justice and peace
  • Education for adaptation and change

Cost of Education

Total Cost Per Year- $13,240

Total Cost for 4 Years- $52,960

College Major

I will be majoring in accounting in the department of College of Business.
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Campus Life

  • National Society of Leadership and Success
  • National Sororities
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My Career

Accountants are responsible for determining an organization’s overall wealth and profit.

I’m interested in this career because it’s a good level of education. Also it offers great jobs and good money.

I see myself working in a firm or owning my own business.

The setting I hope I will be working in is a firm or business.

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  • Maintain all A's throughout High School.
  • Take more Notes
  • Read more
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