Marylin Willison

What Type of Business?

Target is a corporation because they sell stocks in the stock markets. Some advantages from this is that it can save a company from losing all its money and more ideas can arise because you work with more people.


The founder of Target was George Dayton. He wanted to explore the Midwestern markets and decided to settle in Minneapolis. He purchased land for the store and started to sell dry goods and that was the beginning for Target.


  1. Target is known for selling several reliable goods
  2. They put principles first
  3. There are 1,917 Target stores in the U.S. and Canada
  4. Started using their red carts in 1978

Would I Invest?

I would Invest in this company because they are reliable and they put their customer's needs first. Their stocks also seem to be doing well because people go there all the time to buy things and I don't feel like they'll be falling anytime soon.