Henry Hudson



  • When he was young his family was part of a group called the merchant adventurers. They sent several ships in search of a north passage to Asia.
  • As a boy Henry may have served on a ship where he might have got the ambition to find a northern passage to Asia
  • The merchant adventurers became known as the Muscovy Company which sponsored his first voyage as a captain.

Impact on Today

  • Discovered 3 bodies of water that were named after him. (Hudson Bay,Hudson Strait, and Hudson River)
  • Helped develop New York .


  • Sailed farther north than anyone before him.
  • came to conclusion there was no passage way to Asia by way of North.
  • Went on 4 journeys.

Interesting Facts

  • after Hudson's first 2 failed voyages the Muscovy Company would no longer sponsor him.
  • English Authorities held him under custody for sailing the dutch flag
  • Crew members turned against him and sent him, his sons and 7 crew members on a boat and they were never seen again.


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