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Monthly Happenings in Miss Casselli's 3rd Grade Class

Dates to Remember!

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March 24th - April 24th:

March 25th - April 15th:

April 5th:

  • 5th & 6th Grade PEN Field Trip

April 6th - April 22nd:

April 6th:

  • iRun4Life

April 7th

  • End of the 3rd Marking Period
  • Reading Olympics - Mill Creek Elementary

April 11th - 14th:

  • ELA PSSA Testing Grades 3 - 6

April 13th:

  • iRun4Life
  • Parent Positive Speaker Series - Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg -

April 15th:

  • Home & School Association Father Daughter Dance - 7:00 PM

April 30th:

  • Warrington Township - Community Service Day - For more Information Click Here

March 2016


In Unit 10, children review and extend their previous work with measures of length, weight, and capacity. Measurements will be displayed in graphs and frequency tables. The emphasis will be on hands-on activities to show that anything that involves measures begins with the use of measuring tools. Students will also extend previous informal work with the median and mode of a set of data and introduce the standard method of calculating mean. Unit 10 has three main areas of focus:

  • To review units, tools, and measures of weight, length, and capacity,
  • To introduce the mean of a set of data, and
  • To gain experience with plotting points on a coordinate grid.

Continue practicing multiplication & division facts:

Everyday Math Games

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(See agenda for username and password)

The Math Worksheet Site

Jet Ski Addition

Subtraction Flash Cards

Minus Mission

Math Game Quarium

Moles Multiplication

Aplus Math

Colorful Multiplication

Castle Quests Multiplication

Mad Minute Online

Timed Multiplication Facts
Math Playground-Flashcards

  • Space Racer Multiplication Game
  • Classroom Capers
  • Jungle Jim
  • Multiplication Home
  • Multiplication-Many Games
  • Multiplication Jeopardy
  • Demolition Division
  • Croc Doc Division


    The students will be using a mentor text, Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude, to create their own version of the story with a partner. Our goal is to publish our work and share our funny stories with the class.

    Check out the book below...


    Practice grammar at home!


    Spin and Spell


    Punctuation Splat



    In Unit 6, students will be learning the science concepts of plant and animal characteristics, adaptation, and survival in extreme environments. Each week students will address one essential Focus Question related to the Unit Theme: Extreme Environments. At the end of this unit, the students will be able to answer the Theme Question: What does it take to survive in the wild?

    Focus Questions:

    Week 1: What makes an environment extreme?

    Week 2: How do living things survive in extreme environments?

    Week 3: Why do some living things have extreme features?

    Week 4: How do living things react to extreme changes in their


    Theme Vocabulary:
    Week 1: habitat, adaptation, migrate

    Week 2: compete, affect, food chain

    Week 3: travel, carry

    Week 4: Review of words


    In Unit 8, we will be learning how the economy works. The students will have an opportunity to create an item to advertise and sell in our trade market at the end of the month.

    Essential Questions:

    1) How does our economy work?

    2) How does global trade effect people and communities

    around the world?

    Students will understand that...

    • supply and demand work together to affect the prices of goods and services
    • people sometimes have to make a choice when making an economic decision
    • global trade affects people and communities around the world