Denver Broncos

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Who Are The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a football team that was made in the 1960´s . They were one of the eight teams to first join American Football League ( AFL ) , And they are still playing now.They were also known as the Orange Crush.
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How Are They Doing Now

The Denver Broncos are doing great right now. They actually just won Superbowl 50 2016 aginst the Carolina Panthers. They also have Star quarter back Peyton Manning .
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Who Used To Be The Star Of The Broncos

John Elway used to be the star of the Broncos up until he retired , but he ended his career in a good way with exactly 300 touchdown passes.Before the Broncos had him they had more than 24 Quarter Backs.He was voted also to be the most valuable player.

What Do The Broncos Wear And What is There colors

The Broncos have the colors orange, navy blue , and white . They now ware ,most of the time an all orange shirt with navy blue stripes and white pants with a orange stripe down the side.
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Who´s Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is a the star Quarter Back for the Denver Broncos . He helped lead them to Super Bowl 50 2016 ,and they ended up winning . He´s been the star Quarter Back ever since he joined the team . They drafted from the Colts. After winning the super bowl Peyton celebrated by going to DisneyLand. He said ''I'm going to DisneyLand.''
Peyton Manning Celebrates Super Bowl Victory at Disneyland Resort

What Super Bowls Have They The And What Have They Lost

The Broncos have won Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers in 2016.The score was 24 - 10 in the last quarter. They also won Super Bowl 32 they won against the Packers . They also won against Super Bowl 33 against the Atlantic Falcons . They waited 14 seasons until they on there first Super Bowl. They also lost l their Very first Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys their score was 10 - 27 , Which was not surprising for what their scores were back then . Back then they lost a lot more than they won , but now they win a lot more.

Who Started the Team And Also Who Coached The Team

The Broncos was started by Bob Howsam. He started the team in the in 1960´s but the team was bought by Cal Kunz and Garry Phipps . One of the other coaches were Dan Reeves.