Library Update

Library Bookings

There are three areas available for class bookings (Collaboration, Research and Reading), through SENTRAL. This means that there should be no more than three classes using the library at a given time. When booking one of these spaces, please use the information below about each space to guide your booking. Please also make sure you book the technology you need (Laptops, Macbooks, iPads) through SENTRAL.

As the library is a large, open space we ask that all teachers and students are aware of others using the library and respect everyone's right to work in a quiet and organised environment. Please ensure that your classes enter and leave the library quietly and that the three library areas are left neat and tidy.

If you need any help from the library staff during your booked time, at least one of us should be available at the main circulation desk.

Study Room/Classes

Teachers who have timetabled study classes need to supervise students at all times. Apparently there are some issues with wifi access in the study room so we will look into this with the IT department. Ideally, all students should remain in the study room, as allowing them to access other areas of the library can impact on classes who have booked spaces. If you do allow small groups of students to leave the study room area, you are responsible for their supervision. There is a trolley of laptops for use by students in the study room and these do not have to be booked. If you have a study class in the main library space or the LSR, we suggest that you book one of the other trolleys for student use.

Library During Break Times (please help us get the following message across to students)

In the past, many students have seemingly seen the library as a social space during morning and lunch breaks. We are endeavouring to change this perception and to insist that students show respect for the library space and the staff and other students who use it. This means that we have the following key expectations:

  • At all times, the library is a space for learning, not socialising.
  • Students need to have an acceptable purpose for using the library during the breaks. These include reading, homework, study, research, subject related use of laptops, borrowing/returning, and subject related small group collaboration/discussion.
  • At lunch, students will be asked to start packing up 10 minutes before the bell goes to ensure they are organised and on time for their next class.
  • No food is allowed in the library. Students with food will immediately be asked to leave. Water bottles are allowed.
  • With only 2-3 library staff supervising during the breaks, it can be a difficult space to manage when crowded. This means that there are times (eg. wet weather) when we may need to restrict access and direct students to other spaces in the school (eg. Hall and MPR).


As there are many students with overdue loans, apart from sending more frequent overdue notices to students/parents, we will also follow a policy which does not allow students to borrow from the library until overdue/lost books are returned/paid for.

As we do not wish to disrupt subject areas, the exception to this will be when students are required to borrow a resource for their class (eg. novel sets for English).

This will be communicated to students and parents so they are aware of the policy.

Library Catalogue

The IT department has set up two desktop computers in the library that can be used by students and staff to access the library catalogue online. We will work with students to make sure they know how to search the catalogue to locate print and online resources. These computers are located next to the printers in the library.


We would love to recognise our students' efforts and talents by displaying in the library some of the great work they have completed at school. So if you have any student work (eg. art, posters, projects) that you think should be shared in a public area of the school, please let us know.

If you have specific requests for resources that you would like us to include in the library collection, please contact us.

Also, we welcome any suggestions or feedback you might have on how we can improve the library.

Sydney Writers' Festival

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