JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Friday 5 JUNE

This Week

We :

  • started thinking about Egypt
  • listened to the story 'We're Sailing Down the Nile', a rhythmic story
  • created new parts of the story
  • looked at the map of the World and the map of Egypt, plotting geographical features
  • talked about celebrations in Computing
  • used number lines, tracks and 100 squares to support our addition and subtraction work

Next week

We will:

  • rehearse and retell the story of 'We're Sailing Down the Nile'
  • make collages to represent the different parts of the story
  • learn about the types of animals that live in the Red Sea and discuss why it is important that we care for this particular ecosystem
  • talk about addition and subtraction sums such as this 9 + [ ] = 10, 27 + [ ] = 50
  • learn number bonds to 10 , 20 and 50
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