Mission Debriefing

Evan Wesley, Audrey Money, Meredith Henry, Catherine Andrew

About Us

The members of this team all have one goal to reach, which is saving the citizens of the Philippines from infectious diseases that are present, and curing diseases that have already affected citizens there. As a team, we have worked together to create a flight plan. We created a safe route, and have planned each step of they way for our journey to the Philippines. Evan, Audrey, Meredith, and Catherine are determined to help the Philippines and recover the population from their illnesses.

How Our Team Works (More About Us)

In order for us to have a successful trip to the Philippines, each one of us has to do our part. We separated each job, and each member has a certain responsibility. Audrey is the pilot, she controls the plane and double-checks the flight plan. Meredith is the navigator, she navigates the route the plane takes, finds airports suitable for landing, and calculates flight times. Evan is the medical officer, meaning he determines what medical supplies are necessary. Lastly, Catherine is the Load Master, she loads the plane and supervises the division of the supplies. Together, we all make a phonomenal team!


Our team loaded the following onto five pallets of a C-130 Hercules.

  • 9 boxes of clothing blankets
  • 4 boxes of drinking Waters
  • 9 boxes of medical supplies
  • 4 boxes of food
  • 1 portable hospital split into three sections
  • 2 refrigerated medical chest
  • 2 boxes of mosquito repellent
  • 2 portable latrines
  • 2 miscellaneous
It toke 28 hours and 50 minutes to get from Houston Hobby Airport to Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City, Philippines. As well, we got the fastest flight time in our class. The link below shows our team's flight plan.


Ou team's goal was accomplished. We provided medical relief to citizens who were infected by diseases, as well we helped stop the spread of illness in Tacloban City in a short time.


Our team strategically planned the fastest and safest way to fly to the Philippines. Our flight is a short 28 hours and 50 minutes, with only 9 quick stops. We carefully placed each all of our supplies into the pallets of the plane, coming out to a total of 26,600 pounds. The total volume of our supplies is 3,498. Our team feels that the supply that helped address our goal the best was all of the medical supplies. Our goal was to cure the population of the Philippines from their sicknesses. We feel that the medical supplies met those needs the most. Below you can view our flight plan, flight map, and a diagram of the plane pallets by clicking on the links.





First, we researched the way of life in the Philippines, and their culture. Next, we researched about the infectious diseases present, how to stop the spread of them, and how to help cure it. Third, we established a goal of what we would like to accomplish in Tacloban. Then, we planned how we would like to load the aircraft, and what we wanted to put on it. Lastly, we learned how to operate Google Earth, and we formed a flight plan from Houston to Tacloban City. A misconception addressed was that we originally thought it would be quickest to go across the Atlantic Ocean, but we learned that it was actually faster to go to Alaska, then to Tacloban. It worked best to chose big international or regional airports rather than to try to look through the small airports to see which would meet the requirements. A lesson learned was the most efficient way to find the next airport was to first establish the distance, and then determine which airports fell within that distance. A tip is to stack the same size boxes on each other, so the aircraft carries the maximum volume. Our team provided the maximum medical relief in a short time fulfilling our goal.

Reflecting Statement of Purpose and Accomplishments

The purpose of mission was to provide support and relief to the people of the Philippines affected by the hurricane, and to protect citizens from infectious diseases present, and to help cure diseases of those already infected. We brought a long list of items to Tacloban City in order to aide citizens in the area. Our team had the fastest flight time in our class. We successfully accomplished our goal and objective.