Ethiopia Business Visa


The Ethiopia Business Visa, using a green light for foreign tourists, is offered from the Government of Ethiopia. As the name suggests the Ethiopia Business Visa is issued exclusively for business-related activities and is further subdivided into: N Ethiopia Travel Visa, issued to foreign tourists going on a one-time visit to Ethiopia, which is, that are entering the country on humanitarian or business purposes; and N Ethiopia Trade Visa, issued to foreign tourists intending to engage in trade or investment in Ethiopia. Both kinds of visas may be extended upon demonstration of traveling documents. Generally, all of the applicable requirements, regulations and rules concerning the issuance of the visa are provided in the website of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to promote tourism and trade, and to maintain stability and security in the Horn of Africa region. The Ethiopian governments have made attempts to simplify the procedures involved in obtaining an immigrant visa and also to reduce fraud and illegal border crossing. The Ministry of Economic Policies and Development, together with all the Eurasian Economic Co-operation Agency (EAEA), are working closely together with the World Trade Organization to Improve the procedures for obtaining the multiple-entry Ethiopia visa. The Ethiopia government has formulated a multi-pronged policy to fight against illegal migration, improve border security and strengthen the shore, inland and coastal regions of the country.

In recent decades, the speed of travelers to Ethiopia has significantly increased, largely due to the deteriorating security situation in neighbouring nations. Notwithstanding this increase, the authorities in Ethiopia haven't rested their restrictive visa policies, thus restricting travelers from many high-tech professions such as IT professionals, physicians, teachers, academics and others. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, an entrepreneur visa is among the most essential factors for entering Ethiopia. In order to facilitate the entrance and progress of successful small business entrepreneurs, the Ethiopian authorities have issued numerous business visas for businessmen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has consistently clarified it isn't in favour of a restrictive kind of licensing that treats all foreign firms differently. For example, a visa that prohibits a specific profession from being hired can negatively influence an already fighting company. A Ethiopia company visa is given on the grounds of the applicant's ability to contribute to the development of the nation. Additionally, applicants have to give proof that they'll employ persons with professional skills required in the development of the company. If a foreign company firm employment visa is granted based on these requirements, the company would be not able to employ competent employees from any state that doesn't recognise its specialist credentials.

As an applicant, you should know about the obligations that you will face if you do not stick to the specified conditions set forth from the authorities. The government is keen to decrease the number of persons who abuse the system and this comprises the abusers of the legal system that will be transmitted back to their home country. Any company which intends to employ people from outside has to submit evidence it is not a criminal enterprise. In addition to this, the business must also submit evidence that the majority of its employees are experts in their field of work and most of these have specialized education. A high percentage of those firms will also be asked to submit evidence that they have a minimum 90-day visa allowed annually.

Although the government is keen on reducing the number of illegal entrants into the country, it hasn't managed to decrease the amount of illegal companies which have abused the machine. Therefore, those firms that have plans to hire workers from outside must be conscious that they'll be charged with higher visa fees by the relevant embassy. It should also be noted that, in the event the applicant wishes to get an Ethiopia Business Visa, they'll be required to pay a fee which is a lot higher than the fees charged by any other country for the same purpose. Any company that wishes to increase their employments in Ethiopia has to be ready to invest a substantial quantity of money in return for the privilege.