Rose Hill Elementary

October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Rose Hill families,

Thank you for making our school the best school because of the support, care and trust you give us. As we move in the school year we want to ask you to please keep giving us your support, some of the things we recommend families to do at home with their students are:

- To designate an area of your home for homework, and have study time begin at the same time each day.

- To make sure the TV and radio are off during homework time - and keep younger siblings busy so your student is not distracted.

- To equip your student's homework area with supplies like pencils, paper and dictionary.

- Have your student explain homework assignments before they begin - and encourage them to explain their completed.

- To delight in your child's academic accomplishments; showcase work on the refrigerator and celebrate as a family.

- To have a conversation with your child about what was learned at school that day - make your questions specific - "what did you like best about the book you read in class today?"

*More tips to enhance your student's academic success at home available at


We want to share with you that parents have voted and we have our new P.T.O. (Parent Teacher Organization) members selected.

- President: Anahi Carranza

- Co-president: Bianca Lovato

- Vice President: Leslie Quezada

- Treasurer: Maria DeLaTorre

- Co-treasurer: Jennifer Lindberg

- Secretary: Jessie Hernandez

*We will have more information regarding PTO in our next letter home. If you should have any questions, please contact our school community liaison, Karen Colato at 303-853-5993.

In addition, we also want to share with you that our school won the award for Best School Spirit at the 2015 Homecoming Parade on Oct 3. We want to give a shout out to the following volunteers for helping create our schools float:

- Blanca Ramirez, 1st Grade Parent Volunteer

- Marina Martinez, KG and 2nd Grade Parent Volunteer

- Raeann Javier, 1st and 3rd Grade Parent Volunteer

- Leslie Quezada, PS, 2nd and 4rd Grade Parent Volunteer

- Victor Ortega, PS, 2nd and 4rd Grade Parent Volunteer

- Jennifer Lindberg, Science Teacher

- Jeff Luze, Community Volunteer

- Mary Ramos, Spanish Teacher

- Dan Sullivan, Phys. Education Teacher

- Jeffrey Schlundt, Art Teacher

- Antonia Vazquez, Learning Specialist

- Naomi Duran, School Assistant Principal

- Karen Colato, Community Liaison

A Big Shout Out To Our School's Step Team

Our school's step team performed during the Homecoming Parade and did an outstanding job. We want to thank the following students, parents and staff for working hard to make an extraordinary performance. Vianney Elizondo, 3rd grade student and Anahi Carranza, parent volunteer; Kimberly Navarro, 3rd grade student and Leslie Quezada, parent volunteer; Kyra Ann Dixon, 5th grade and LaCrea Dixon, parent volunteer; Maria Vazquez, 4th grade; Angelina Lovato, 3rd grade student, Nadya Lovato, 4th grade student and Bianca Lovato, parent volunteer; Kevin Zazueta, 4th grade student; Ezekiel Negrete, 4th grade student; Cassidy Light, 4th grade student and Louise Walters, parent volunteer; Danella Barragan and Bella Barragan, 4th grade students; Chanel Cruz, 4th grade student; Gema Miramontez, 4th grade student; Raven Theus, 1st grade teacher; and Sherry Segura, school principal.
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*Pictures taken by Ms. Roper, 4th grade teacher.

Homecoming Parade 10-03-2015

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:

  • Oct. 16 - Bring Your Parent To Lunch Day. The lunch menu will include pozole or pizza for $2.50 per person.

Lunch Schedule-
KG: 11:45 - 12:12
1st: 11:30 - 12:00

2nd & 3rd: 12:20 - 12:50

4th & 5th: 11:00 - 11:30

  • Oct. 21 - Special Education Advisory Committee

At 5:30 pm. at the ESS building on 5291 East 60th Avenue, Commerce City, CO 80022

  • Oct. 22 - How To Make Homework Manageable Parent Workshop at 5:00 pm. in school cafeteria
  • Oct. 22 - Picture Day!
  • Oct. 28 - No School For Students
  • Oct. 29 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No School For Students)

From 9:15 - 3:30

Community Resource Fair from 9:30 - 12:15 in school cafeteria

  • Oct. 30 - No School

*Please contact our school community liaison, Karen Colato if you should have any questions at 303-853-5993.


  • At Rose Hill our priority is to put children first and that includes the safety of all students. Please remember that during dismissal time, students will be walked by teachers to the parking lot and all cars must remain still until told otherwise by our school staff. Please remember to not honk at the cars in front of the line or pushing bumper to bumper.
  • Please don't forget the Health Screening will be scheduled for November 2, and 3rd. Also, immunizations are due as soon as possible. Please come see our school health clerk if you should have any questions.