CCISD Special Services

September 2022

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A Note from the Executive Director:

On behalf of the Special Services staff, I am happy to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year! We are looking forward to a rewarding partnership with you to ensure our students can achieve their greatest potential. We recognize that in order to be productive in school, our children need support from both family and school staff. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our absolute best to carry out our educational obligations. We look forward to collaborating with you and our special education teachers and staff. Our motto this year is “Big Journeys Begin with Small Steps” and we would like to challenge you to join us by taking a small step with us in our journey to form great partnerships. Hope you have a fantastic school year!

As always, if we can be of service to you, please reach out via the link in the newsletter, by emailing, or contacting us through our Parent Resource Center Specialist (Penny Sweeney) at 281-284-0751.

***The information provided in this newsletter is gathered from a variety of sources and is not sponsored by, nor affiliated with CCISD. The information is provided for your information and review.

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Dr. Michele Staley

CCISD Executive Director of Special Services

CCISD Special Services Parent Resource Center Specialist

Clear Creek ISD’s Special Services Parent Resource Center Specialist, Penny Sweeney supports parents and guardians of students receiving Special Education and 504 services across the district. She is available to guide and connect you to workshops, parent support groups, and outside agencies. She provides families with guidance and support to ensure that every child experiences a rich and nourishing educational experience while attending CCISD. Please visit the link below to ensure that you reserve your your spot for the Meet and Greet on September 29th from 9am-10am and sign up for upcoming events.

Parent Resource Center Meet and Greet

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 9-10am

2903 Falcon Pass

Houston, TX

Stop by and meet Ms. Penny Sweeney, the Parent Resource Specialist and sign up for our 2022-2023 Coffee Chats with topics centered around parent survey responses. See what The Parent Resource Center has to offer.

When: September 29, 2022
Time: 9am-10am
CCISD Learner Support Center- Room 1038
2903 Falcon Pass
Houston, Texas 77062

Email Ms. Penny Sweeney @
or call 281-284-0751 if you have any questions.
Can't wait to see you!

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Calendar of Events Parent Resource Center

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Clear Creek ISD Challengers Special Olympics Team is Back in Action!

CCISD Challengers are preparing for the 2022-2023 season and are grateful that Special Olympics Texas has reopened for competition. To join and participate the Challengers, you must have a current medical release on file with Coach Burges.. Please email her at or call her at 281-284-0771 if you have any questions.

Attached below is the informational letter, current athlete information form, and physical form. If you are interested in your child joining the Challengers, please complete these items and submit them to Coach Burges as soon as possible.

Assessment/Related Services

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Back to School Tips for Parents

As the school year is underway and fall extracurricular activities are ramping up, here are some back to school tips:

  • Don’t forget to keep up with regularly scheduled well visits with your child’s medical professionals. Discuss any potential concerns about your child’s physical health and if you have any concerns regarding your child’s emotional or psychological well-being, make sure those concerns are addressed as well. Identify any potential issues as soon as possible. Learning requires healthy and happy students!
  • Minimize the use of electronics including television, tablets, cell phones, and other devices as much as possible. Children are much better prepared to learn when their brains have engaged in less passive activities. In addition, less screen time leads to better sleeping habits.
  • Make sure there is a clearly designated space to do homework if needed. For many children, a space in a family room or kitchen is helpful in order for parents to supervise, monitor, and encourage the completion of homework.
  • Get to know your child’s teacher and other relevant school staff. Attend any back-to-school nights if possible and let teachers know what you prefer in terms of communication (e.g., email, phone calls). Maintain open lines of communication throughout the school year.
  • When it comes to extracurricular activities, go for quality, not quantity. Make sure your child truly benefits from the activity. After school activities should be fun and reinforce positive social development. Arrange activities on days that are not as heavy with homework or studying if possible. If your child does not enjoy or cannot participate in traditional after school activities, consider other options to build interests and socials skills. For example, check out your local library’s events.


National Association of School Psychologists (2017). Back-to-school transitions: Tips for parents. (Handout). Bethesda, MD: Author.

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Join Us!!!

SEPTA is looking for committee chairs and council delegates. We are unique in serving all our school CCISD campuses and three schools in Santa Fe ISD. Membership is open to everyone. We love having students serve. Registration forms can be mailed to the SEPTA PO BOX with payment. Join the CCISD SEPTA Facebook Page to stay connected.

For more info contact our communications chair at or SEPTA President at

Mark your calendars for these important dates!!!!

SEPTA Meetings

Executive Board:

Wednesday, Sept 14th: 6:30PM -8PM Zoom

Thursday, Oct. 6th: 6PM Zoom (membership review), RA meeting to follow at 6:30PM

Wednesday Nov 30th: 6:30PM -8PM Zoom

Thursday, January 12th: 6PM, Zoom. RA meeting to follow at 6:30PM

Wednesday , February 1st: 6:30PM Zoom

Thursday , April 5th: 6:30PM Zoom

RA Meetings:

Thursday, Oct. 6th: 6:30- 8PM Zoom

Wednesday, November 2nd: 6:30-8PM

Thursday, Jan. 12th: 6:30-8PM Zoom

Wednesday, March 2nd: 6:30-8PM Zoom

Wednesday, May 3rd: Awards In-Person 6:30-8PM In- Person TBA.


Wednesday, Sept. 7th: 9:30AM "Back the Future Rally" Field House

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd: 9:30AM ESC

Wednesday, January, 18th: 9:30AM ESC

Wednesday, March 8th: 9:30AM ESC

Wednesday, May 10th: 9:30AM ESC

CCCC of PTAs Dates to Remember:

COUNCIL RALLY DAY: Monday, February 27th TBA

Council Celebration Thursday, April 13th: 6:30PM Clear Lake HS


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Early Childhood Special Education Evaluation Center

The Early Childhood Special Education Evaluation Center (SEEC) evaluates children between the ages of 2 years 10 months and 5 years, who are not in a district Pre-K program and are not yet kindergarten age, to determine if a child has a special education disability and if there is a need for special education services.

The evaluation staff at the SEEC includes: 2 Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), 1 Educational Diagnostician, 1 Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP), and 1 teacher, dually certified in Special Education and General Education. The SEEC also calls upon the services of district Occupational Therapists (OTs), Physical Therapists (PTs) and other specialists as needed to meet the needs of each child evaluated.

SEEC has two new members of our team this school year who are excited to be working together to evaluate our youngest learners.

For parents/guardians who have concerns about their child’s development, SEEC conducts screenings for any child ages 2 years 10 months to 5 years (who are not yet kindergarten age), to determine the need and scope of a full and individual evaluation. Screenings are held every Wednesday by appointment.

For additional information, please call (281) 284-0330.

The Early Childhood Special Education Evaluation Center is located at:

Learner Support Center

2903 Falcon Pass Dr.

Houston, Texas 77062

281-284-0330 (Phone)

281-284-9956 (Fax)

Below is a fantastic article on guiding conversations with children. Our Words have power and they have a lasting effect on our children. .

Transition and Community Partnerships

CCISD's Transition Specialist, Kim Rodgers has compiled a Padlet of Transition information that is updated regularly. Each section is dedicated to a particular part of transition. With topics such as Medicaid, SSI, Agency connections and alternatives to guardianship, the Padlet is a "one stop shop" to get an introduction to many areas of transition. Whether you are a parent of a three year old, or twenty year old, this information is handy as you progress through your child's educational journey.

Mrs. Rodger's office is also our district connection for the Texas Workforce Commission and Vocational Services. Intake meetings occur at the campus level through 12th grade, and then continue on for the 18+ programs at the LSC.

To access the Padlet, click here: