My Life in 4th Grade

By: Emma


Friends, the most important thing in fourth grade. Friends. As you can see friends come in all shapes and sizes. Each with a different personality to share. A friend is someone who you can count on. Someone who doesn't gossip, say mean things, or tell others to " shut up ". A friend is someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

My friends are always there for me and I do the same. Even if my friends have different personalities, I share equal feelings to all of them.

Why? Because, they stand up for me and always try to make me feel better when I need it most. They are willing to listen when I have a problem, and try to make that problem better.

I love all of my friends.


Writing. In 4th grade, you do ALOT of writing. But you do it using fun prompts. I enjoy writing, because it tells a lot about who you are and your experiences.