Ecological Footprint

By; Ethan Maag

The Definition

An ecological footprint is the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.

My footprint

If everyone lived like i do each of us would need 4.5 planets to support my lifestyle, it also says i require about 20 acres.

why i chose it and what i learned

I chose to use this footprint calculator because it was the most simple one to use. i have learned that if everyone lived like i did the earth wouldn't be large enough to support everyone.

the website i used:

The Carbon Market

A market that is created from the trading of carbon emission allowances to encourage or help countries and companies to limit their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is also known as emissions or carbon trading. Carbon emissions trading is a way of reducing greenhouse gases produced by polluters.

5 ways to reduce your "footprint"

  1. use an alternative source of energy (solar, wind, Hydroelectric)
  2. use less animal products.
  3. Carpool and drive more fuel efficient cars
  4. use more energy efficient appliances
  5. only buy food with recyclable packaging