MBCUE April 2019 Update

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"Celebrate good times, come on!"

Thank you to all the students, and supportive adults, who submitted films for the 2nd Annual Student Powered Film Festival. The first round of judging has been completed and the finalists notified they are moving on to the big show!

The finalists, for each grade band (not in any particular order), are:

9-12 grade

  • Say No To Plastic - Ira Shirdhankar
  • Food Waste: The Unintentional Destroyer of Our Planet- Kylie McKenzie
  • Don't Splash Trash- Alexis Lanini
  • Trash Pollution- Soraya Zepeda
  • Ocean Conservation- Taylor Del Real
6-8 grade
  • Making a Difference - Aara Bella Sumagang
  • Preventing Pollution- Isaac Alvarez
  • Red Pandas - Sama Mubarz
  • Single Use Plastic Disaster- Melissa Zavala
  • Let's Fix Climate Change- Sunrise Cogswell
K-5 grade
  • Cigarette is Bad!- Aliah Zavala
  • Water Pollution- Areli Colin
  • Water Conservation: A Kinder Situation - Helen Diaz Chanocua
  • Trash- Josue Perez
  • Save the World!- Vanessa Zuniga

We are looking forward to meeting all these fabulous filmmakers for their cinematic debut on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at the Maya Cinemas in Salinas (doors open at 5pm). Hope to see you all "At the Movies!"

Saturday, September 21, 2019

With the end of the year events and projects, the MBCUE Board of Directors and DigCit subcommittee elected to move the DigCit Summit to early in the 2019-2020 school year.

This event is for kids, parents, educators, and anyone who has ever used technology (so...everyone!). Keep on the lookout for updates in future newsletters, tweets, facebook, and the MBCUE website.

Highlights from Spring CUE 2019

"Baby, let the good times roll..."

Monterey Bay Cue members were tweeting, presenting, receiving recognition, hobnobbing with Cue Inc folks, networking, and singing their hearts out at Spring Cue 2019.

Our fearless leader, Ben Cogswell presented at least six times plus was an emcee for Cue Kareokee, Jen Rodgers and Maricar Bautista Osorio were recognized at the first-ever Cue Affiliate Awards Tea. Present members came together for the affiliate annual board meeting and social. Then the crowning glory, thank you South County members, was MBCUE taking the first place spot in the Alludo CUE 19 Conference game! What a team!!!!!

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Upcoming events

Student Powered Film Festival

Tuesday, April 23rd, 5pm

153 Main Street

Salinas, CA

DigCit Summit

Saturday, Sep. 21st, 8:30pm

55 Kip Drive

Salinas, CA

More information & registration via Eventbrite or thedigitalcitizenshipinstitute.com

MBCUE Board Meeting Notes April 11 2019

Meeting via Google Hangout

Directors Present

  • Ben Cogswell

  • Carrie Sebora

  • Paul Dietrich

  • Cynthia Lipsig

  • Krysta Bradley

  • Jen Rodgers

  • Jonathan Green


  • Film Festival Update

    • Confirming attendance of board members

    • Present committee accomplishments & updates

    • Next Steps

      • Contact KSBW

      • Film festival printouts to be prepared and completed by Monday 4/22/19

      • Put together final show and bring to Maya for testing on Monday 4/22/19

      • Confirm with judges

      • Board Member Jobs for the event day

      • Determine the final list of prizes & sponsorship

  • DigCit Summit

    • Updates

      • Moving Summit to 9/21 at North High

      • Virtual and F2F (presentations)

    • Next Steps

      • Contact presenters & create a new form for RSVP for the new date

      • Update website, newsletter, Eventbrite

      • Price change discussion

Communications Update

  • Newsletter

    • Make changes to reflect new information re: DigCit Summit & Film Festival

    • Add board meeting notes

    • Date for next edition: early or mid May

      • Winners of Film Fest

      • Summer intentions

      • Membership highlight?

  • Website

    • Film Festival information for next year

    • Change DigCit Summit information

  • Social

    • Continue retweeting

    • Continue updating and responding on MBCUE Facebook page

President Report:

  • LDI (4 people)

    • July 26 (11am) -27 (3pm)

    • Pacific Grove, CA at the Asilomar Conference Grounds.

    • Offer our assistance with the event, as we are the local affiliate

    • Interested & available board members?

  • Cue Sessions ( Due April 22)

    • Fall Cue (1 session)

      • The Suite Spot: Gsuite Tips & Tricks from MBCUE

    • Spring CUE (2 Sessions)

      • The Suite Spot: Gsuite Tips & Tricks from MBCUE

      • Session 2

        • Krysta?

        • Lora?

  • Summer Board Retreat

    • 1 day

    • Secretary will send out Doodle to lock down dates

Treasurer Update

  • Actual Balance $ 5,846.99

    • Payouts since last meeting

      • $201 Insurance for Film Festival

    • No revenue

  • Encumbered balance $ 4,705.46

    • Outstanding expenses

      • DigCit insurance $250

      • Pop up sign $100

      • Film festival prizes $750


  • Summary of previous minutes

  • Next Meeting

    • May 16th: Google Hang Out since we will be together for Film Fest and the following month is board retreat


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