Colored Man Goes ot College!

A huge step for James meredith

What Challenges Did this Person Face?

James Meredith encountered his first real challenge while riding a train with his brother. When they arrived in Memphis, he was ordered to give up his seat for a white man and he had to stand in the back for the rest of the trip. He was then challenged again when he applied to an all-white college and was accepted, but then rejected because the color of his skin was discovered.

How Did this Person Change History?

James Meredith applied to the University of Mississippi and was rejected twice in 1961. He filed a complaint with the district court saying that he was rejected because of the color of his skin. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People helped James through several legal battles and, eventually, on September 10, 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that he had the right to attend the University of Mississippi. He became the first black man to attend an all-white college.

Why Is This Person an Important Part of Black History Month?

James Meredith gave everyone hope and inspiration. He showed everyone that they should fight for their rights as a human. He showed courage, and he showed strength. He could be considered an important civil rights leader because of the inspiration that he struck and because of his hard work.

We March with Meredith