Gratitude Month

Im thankful for the sense of sight

Some of the things I love to look at

The Temple

I love seeing the temple. During the summer everything is beautiful and alive. My friend and I would sometimes walk around the temple and just talk about stuff. At night its really cool to see it shining bright on the mountain.


When ever I'm outside, I love looking at everything in nature. One Time during the fall my family and I drove up the mountain. It was so beautiful and we talked and laughed. Seeing all the colors and the leaves falling. During the Winter I always get excited to see the first snow fall. I love hiking and seeing everything green and grown and beautiful. Nature is so beautiful.

The beach

I was so excited when I got to go to California and see the ocean. I love the ocean it's so beautiful and warm. I loved sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash on the shore. It was fun swimming and seeing the water come closer and closer to me and seeing the waves from the water. I collected so many seashells and seeing the sunset. It was so perfect, the best day ever.
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My family

I love my family they are so funny and we have so much fun together. Sometimes when my brother and I are talking we'll make funny faces at each other. During Christmas my mom wanted to a new sewing machine really baldy. The kids all pitched in and got her a new one. She was so excited and she was shocked. l love my family and the memories that I was able to see and share.