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The organization is also a key service

There is also focus on work with sources of infection for example by so-called disease. The of service hospital queueing system tasks, where there are queuing system clear written standards proper hygienic handling when cleaning up isolation rooms may contribute to higher patient safety and a safer working environment for hospital queueing system employees. Like the also know it between nurses and health care assistants. In connection with the creation of a service assistant research group at the former Hospital service assistants were offered training- including feminine hygiene. Service Assistants have undergone an accord agreed course for service assistant, but it also provides ongoing vocational training to service assistant. Just in hygiene have service assistants play a clearer role in the conduct of the Danish Quality Model. The importance of patient safety by correctly handling of cleaning has become more evident.
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All experts in suggests that a substantial part of the flexibility is that the service assistants are employed in the house. In doubt about what tasks they must perform they must not contact a manager who is sitting very far away. It is pointed out that in daily will always be a variety of things that are queuing system not described in the supply agreement. By rebuilding and reorganization, it is also an advantage that the leader is an active portion of the housing. For flexible task-sharing with caregivers they point- in line with this- that it is important to have continuity in relations.
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As well as service assistants leaders is a part of the management of the house and has its finger on the pulse of what is happening. In order to get more benefit of the flexibility in the disciplines, it is important that the model embedded in the regular meetings between the group coordinator/ service manager and nurse carried out. This is to promote mutual understanding of each other's needs and an ongoing Running to update the supply agreement and the non-written understandings. It is in varies how smooth the senior nurses find that model. The interviews suggest that in is a dilemma between the service assistants in one side feel a need, that their tasks are clearly defined and on the other side they are part of a hospital-reality where unforeseen events and needs arise.
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Service Assistants meetings in this manner continually demands and requests from other professions such as nursing staff. The results of the telephone interviews with departments where hospital queueing system service assistants are employed directly in clinical sections suggests that these experiences to have flexibility. On the interviewed section had between 1-18 queuing system service assistants employed in the sections. Often there were at since this organization is also a key service unit in the house. This means that there is a series of cross-cutting functions that can be performed across the entire house (cleaning ring of beds, waste and depot).
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It also means that the sections can queuing system help in disease and holidays. On most of those interviewed clinical wards they feel that they have a high job flexibility. How high service assistants job flexibility is depends on how well integrated they are in the section. In some places they feel that this is an area that should be continuously working with. Some sections with a group of service assistants employed feel that there is talk about a small war in which faculty groups continually negotiating with each other.