Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Christmas Term, Week 6 SJI International Elementary

What a week!!!

It may have been only a four day week but the learning was as extraordinary as ever! We painted 'The Last Supper' fresco and drew amazing flying machines with Da Vinci. Our Giants of Science astounded us with their immense powers of resilience in the face of personal tragedy. Through our IPC, we discussed the positive and negative impacts of technology on society. We evaluated how our lives are similar and different to other children around the world and thought about how this made us feel. Our understanding of fractions grew as we found new strategies to divide, multiply and add. Read on to find out more!

Virtue of the Week - Excellence

Excellence is doing your best, giving careful attention to every task and every relationship. Excellence is effort guided by a noble purpose. It is a desire for perfection. The perfection of a seed comes in the fruit. When you practice excellence, you bring your gifts to fruition. Excellence is the key to success.

Language Arts

Our exciting writing journey with Leonarda Da Vinci came to an end this week. We traveled so far with Leonardo through his unsettling early life in Vinci with his grandparents, to staring out in Verrocchino's workshop in Florence - the moment his life changed forever!

This week our writing included dates, details and portrayed a sense of the emotions Leonardo felt at major times in his life. We imagined we were there when he painted 'The Last Supper' and even gathered information from Ross King's book 'Leonardo and The Last Supper' to enrich our understanding and writing of this key moment in da Vinci's life. We took ownership of our learning deciding to write about his scientific investigations of the human body or his dream of flight. Through our final paragraph, we highlighted his great legacy, which still resonates in our world today.

Next week we will immerse ourselves in a variety of significant people who shaped science and the world. From Galileo looking through his telescope and Marie Curie investigating radiation. There is no end to the writing opportunities!


The children continued working on the topic Fractions. Right now, the children are confident in explaining division of Fractions sums to you! We have been using the 'KEEP - CHANGE - FLIP' rule!

While working on word problems involving division of Fractions, the children had to identify the total/whole. Thereafter, they were encouraged to highlight the total/whole. By doing so, they are more confident in writing out the number sentences.

Besides division of Fractions, we also revised on multiplication, addition and subtraction of Fractions.


The children were encouraged to log on to ‘’ during the long weekend to revise on the topic-Fractions. Children have written down their passwords in their organisers. Have fun with ‘myimaths’!

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IPC - Internationalism and Society

This week we analysed the impact new technologies has had on society. Firstly, we watched a Youtube clip which provided an insight into children's bedrooms from all around the world. This short clip stimulated great conversations about the wide spectrum of experience each child faced every day. We considered how mankind's great progression had not spread across the globe and the issues we face as a society now and in the future. Later we Venn diagrammed children from developed and developing countries lifestyles based on the technologies available to them.

Next we immersed ourselves in Dr Hans Rosling's TED Talk concerning the impact of the washing machine on society. His clever talk provoked a greater understanding of how a simple technology changed life forever. This aided our ideas and thinking as we evaluated the positive and negative consequences of new technologies on the world today.

Next week, we go back in time to the Industrial Revolution and learn how life was about to change forever!

Home Learning - The Great Debate...

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Home Learning

Writer's Notebook

Red Carpet or a photo of your favourite place

Step 1 - brainstorm 15 - 20 words and ideas

Step 2 - create your themes

Step 3 - use a spider diagram to plan your writing

Step 4 - go and write (35 - 45 minutes)

Due Date - Thursday September 17th

New Spelling, Word and Sentence Activity on Tuesday

Due Date - Tuesday September 22 nd


Myimaths - two activities to complete for Monday September 14th


Create a device based on your plans and designs to meet your clients needs.

Due date - Friday, October 7th, at 8 am to share in class.

Book Week

Book Week 2015/2016

‘Singapore Stories’

Monday 14th– 18th September

Book Week will soon be upon us, and we hope everyone will catch the spirit of the week and have fun celebrating our love of reading! This year to mark Singapore’s 50th Birthday, we have just added a slight Singapore flavor with our visiting local authors and our Singapore themed-library.

Monday -Mystery Reader

Tuesday - UES Book Swap and meet our visiting author Josephine Chia


Dates for your Diary

-Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) - Tuesday September 15th, 3.30 - 5.30 pm and -Wednesday September 16th, 5.30 - 7.30 pm (Online Parent Sign Up for Grade 6 Extended and Accelerated)

-14th - 18th Sept Book Week

-18th Sept Book Week (dress up)

BOOK SWAP: Please bring in a pre-loved book to swap for another. We will go to the Book Swap during Book Week.

-Grade 5 and 6 Celebration of Learning morning - Tuesday Oct 6th at 8.15 am - 10:20 am (The Town Hall Meeting is also happening on this date, so please come an long to join us at any stage that morning. Celebrate all our wonderful learning this half term)

-UES Sports Day -Wednesday, November 27th