Easton, Adam- hour 4

Hydro energy

1. Where is the resource found?

Water or hydro is found in melting icebergs, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

2. How is resource formed?

water can't be formed but it can come from melting icebergs and when steam cools down.

3. How is the resource used?

water is used by taking kinetic energy from a current or waterfall and then the water goes though a generator.

4. What cool facts and statistics can you find?

Niagara falls is the first hydroelectric dam to be build in 1879.

Hydro power is 7% of USA's electricity.

5. What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

One thing is the sea raiser. The sea raiser uses the kinetic energy of waves in the ocean. It works by when a wave comes it pushes a block up.
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This is a diagram of how a sea raiser uses waves to make energy
How hydroelectricity works
this video explains how kinetic energy from water goes through a generator which spins electromagnets.