Auschwitz, Poland

Monument to history

A bad time in history

The Jews were suffering in this death camp because of the Germans.(aka the Nazi's) The Jews suffored many years of being in that place until 1940-1945 or so on. The Jews were force to do work and if they didn't they get sent to the gas camber's. Also the German's had two lines for the camp like... The first line was you had to be the strongest and you hve to work in the camp. Or option two was if your weak you get sent to the gas camber's and the famlies were sad because there love one's die.

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Why did this happen to them

Auswitz is when people remember that day of what happen to other people,but some of the people there escape or when the Americans came with other's and defeted the German's and the Jews and other's in their got to walk free for the first time in forever and they had a party,but some had to stay low because some german's were there.
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So how many people escape

Now some of the prisoners there escape,but some of them got capture. There was this person that was a prisoner in the death camp his name was Jack Adler,but he survied with his other friends or the people he meant there. They traveled together and survied on food which they found in other buildings. I was happy that they were escaping and surviving. So the person made his way back to were he used to live or stayed with his uncle. He got the bad news about his sister and the baby.
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Paying of what happen to the city and other things

Soon the person moved on with his life and moved to America,but he would always vist the people who died in Poland or in different camps, or the graves. I thought that was nice. Soon others remember what the Germans did(nazis)they blamed them. Also the Germans had to pay for the war.

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What happen after the people escape?

The world was a better place after those events and everyone was happy that the war was over,the Germans payed for the war, and the Jews escape from the camps or the Americans helped them out of their situation. When I read a book last year in 7th grade I was sad of what happen,but I'm glad that some of the people escape from the death camps which was a relief because I was happy that they got out and didn't die,but it I'm still greatful that people got out