Miss Maudie story

#Sassy #Judgemental

Miss Maudie opinion

Miss Maudie is a lady that's nice and understanding but can also be mean if she wants to. She understood people from first hand and not from rumors going around town like with Ridley. Miss Maudie loves children and wants some of her own. Miss Maudie's opinion of Ridley is that he's good but people misjudge him because of some rumors that was going on about him.

Why is Miss Maudie obsessed with everyone's life ?

Student response :

She is the main character because she gives insight to characters we don't know yet. She gives insight to boo Ridley. She told the kids he is not creepy. She also said he is alive. Scout thinks he is dead because she rarely sees him. He only gets outside at night. They even said he murdered someone. Everyone is scared of him.

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