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I'm Bored

I'm Bored

One day I was playing on my 3ds. I was playing Super Mario bros 2.It was fun until I beat the whole thing.I got very bored.I kept playing it.I was so excited that I beat the game.I actually got bored after the first five minutes of my excitement.

I started to play on my Xbox kinect, I was playing soccer on it.I actually got the gold cup.I got bored again.I hoped I didn't beat USA because I would be so bored.I solved my bore ness by going outside and playing with my dog.

It was fun playing with my dog.I taught him tricks and I taught him how to catch his snack.It was funnier than playing on my video games.I had lots of fun.My mom asked me to come in.My dog ad I came in and ate dinner,bad we went to bed.

The End