Raymond's Run

By: Toni Banbara Created By: Jordan Wilson


Squeaky has alot of responsibilities such as: to win race and take care of Raymond. Squeaky is about to race and she keeps in mind her brotther. Squeaky realizes that she can help Raymond achieve something. winning isn't everything. she aspires to pursue others interests. Squeaky wins race while Gretchen comes in 2nd place. Squeaky begins to respect Gretchen and will have to deal less with Raymond. Also she thimks about all Raymond is capable of.


A theme is a moral or lesson from A story that can help anyone in life, its not specific. One theme of this story is just because one is different does not mean they are not capable of doing what you can do. Another lesson that can be learned would be; don't let other people or contests block what is truely important.

Raymonds Run

My Inference

I infer that Hazel will end up being Raymonds trainer along with Gretchen. I think this because towards the end of this story it talks about Raymond running beside Hazel, She talks about him running very well. He also knows how to breath correctly since he goes with Hazel to her breathing exercises. She also says that she can train him to be a good runner and he can run in races just like she does.