The Treasure Map

Monday, March 17 - Sunday, March 23

Week in Review

Monday, March 17
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • ELDA testing
  • morning bus evacuations

Tuesday, March 18
  • ELDA testing
  • PASS testing

Wednesday, March 19
  • 2:45-3:30 Grade 5 PLC
  • 12:35-1:20 K PLC
  • 2:45-3:45 Grade 2 PLC
  • ELDA testing
  • PASS testing
  • morning bus evacuations

Thursday, March 20
  • 8:00-8:45 Grade 3 PLC
  • 9:55-10:35 Grade 5 PLC
  • ELDA testing
  • 11:30 - 3:00 Literacy Team meeting

Friday, March 21
  • ELDA testing
  • Grade Levels meet with Barbara Fewell during planning
  • Terrific Kid
  • 3:00-4:00 Mother/Son Kickball game (weather permitting) A new sign up was sent out with this adjusted time!

Saturday, March 22

Sunday, March 23

Welcome Christina Sims

Please welcome Christina Sims to Ms. Clontz's classroom. She has a very diverse background in both middle school, elementary and preschool. She is elementary certified, and began as a Clemson Chemistry Grad. She has taught in Las Vegas and Omaha.

Terrific Kid

Please remember to make contact with your Terrific Kid's parent/guardians before leaving school on Monday.

No Visitor's or Appointments

Please remind parents that we will not have visitors on PASS testing days for any grade level. Also, please ask parents of students who are testing to reschedule doctor's appointments that fall during the school day.

Pass Reminders

Wow! March is in full swing. Below find a few reminders for the entire staff as we go into testing next week.

Please know that with 10 small groups testing we will have small group tests all over the building. Please do not move about the building for nonessential reasons until we have come over the intercom to let you know that we are done testing, this includes not using restrooms on the 4-5 and 2-3 hallway. Also, there should not be anyone out at recess until this call is made. Related arts will work on an abbreviated schedule which is attached, thank you Gina and related arts team. Please take a look at this and remember that all classes will meet in the gym—except for art which will meet in the art room. If you are scheduled with a different person than you normally have that day, please just follow the schedule sent.

The following areas will be used for testing (just FYI)
Ms. Colquhoun's room
Guidance Conference Room
Ms. Odom's Room
G/T Classroom
The Library (several side rooms being used)
Ms. Santucci's Room
Ms. Wilson's room
Computer Lab
Ms. Lynn's Classroom
Ms. McNeely's Classroom

The gym will be used to house small group testers who are done testing before their class has finished. Mr. McQuinston and a monitor will be with these students until their homeroom teacher turns in testing materials and gets these students from the gym.

Ms. Merck, Ms. Bosdell, and Ms. Wright will be calling students who are absent on the days of testing. Please make sure to do your attendance ASAP! We will test all students who are not sick on regular testing day!

If you need dictionaries and thesauruses please see Ms. Middleton.

Please cover all material that could be used to aid students in their testing. This includes any material in the hallway on bulletin boards--since all hallways will be utilized for testing this effects all grade levels. There are a few tablecloths in my office if you need some for coverage!

If you missed training on Tuesday and will be either administering the test or monitoring the test, stop by my office before Tuesday to make sure you have been trained and have signed the confidentiality forms.

We will maintain a normal lunch schedule for K, 1, and 2. PLEASE be mindful of classes testing throughout your hallways! If classes in 3-5 are still testing at their lunch time we will make adjustments as necessary.

3-5 grade teachers, when you have only a few students testing if it is close to your lunch time, please post a sticky note to your classroom window indicating the number of students you still have testing. We will use this system as a means of communication so we can make decisions regarding this. .

I know this is a TON of information. Please let me know what questions you still have and I will reply to everyone with answers for the good of the group!

Thank you so much for all you do for children!

Monitors Needed?

We are still short monitors for testing, if you know of anyone that is available please let us know ASAP!

Children Absent??

If you are aware of any children that will be absent and will be testing next week please let us know now.

Board Games Needed

We are in need of board games for our small group holding area after PASS testing. Please make sure your name is on any games you are sharing and send to Ms. Roof on Monday.

Guidance Corner - March is INTEGRITY month

Be your best self. Keep your word, promises, and commitments. Be honest by telling the truth and not stealing, cheated, or being insincere. Be truthful in word and action. Carry out commitments, obligations and duties.