Plagiarism: How To Avoid It

Tips to create an environment where cheating is discouraged

School Community:

Cheating has become common in the school systems in our area. As a way to prevent this epidemic from growing , we wish to create an environment where cheating is not acceptable. To achieve this, parents and faculty must be proactive in ensuring that students are aware of what constitutes as cheating, why it is unnacceptable, and what the consequences are.


-- Help your children manage time wisely.

-- Discourage procrastination.

-- Encourage integrity in all work.

-- Explain to your children that they take full responsibility of their actions if they choose to be dishonest.


-- Encourage use of honor code.

-- Explain consequences of cheating.

-- Discuss correct citation of work.

-- Make cheating difficult by requesting sources and quotes.

-- Use different test forms.

-- Assign random seating.

-- Be open about discussing cheating with your students.

-- Get to know students and have a good relationship with them. Students who likes their teachers will be less likely to betray them.


-- Do not be tempted to share, sell, or copy work.

-- Copying someone else's homework is cheating.

-- Stick to the honor code.

-- Focus on the actual learning of the subject rather than recieving a letter grade.

-- Be sure to ask for help if neccessary.

-- Get a calender or agenda to create a study schedule.

-- Know that there are serious consequences to cheating.