Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

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By Jazmine Lopez

Little Miss Muffet..On a warm summer day on September 25th, 2013, Little Miss Muffet was eating curds and whey, while she was walking around the tuffet. She had nothing else to do. She was so exhausted that she felt like sitting down because it was so hot and her legs were hurting. She ended up sitting on a tuffet, because there was no where else to sit. Next, the spider came along right beside her and frightened her. She screamed because she hates spiders. After a while, when she was done eating her curds and whey, she decided to go home.


Jazmine Lopez who graduated from Wayne State College lives in Florida. While she lived in Nebraska, she attended High School. She did many different things while she was in High School. She did activities such as volleyball and the yearbook. Whenever she was 40-years-old she started getting grey hair. Her first job ever was Wendy’s. She worked there for awhile, but afterwards she got her degree for being a nurse. She worked for construction and nursing part-time for both jobs. Later on when she was a nurse, she became a professional nurse. While she was working, she found a boy and then it became her boyfriend and then soon it became the love of her life. They got married and had two kids, a girl and a boy. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and scrapbooking. Even though she is 40-years-old, she still works for nursing and construction because that’s all she wanted to do when she was younger. Her family visits relatives in Kansas,Florida and California. Every four months they go and visit different relatives each time.

Ice Skating

Did you know Ice Skating first started over 4000 years ago in Finland? Later on it became a sport during the 18th century. Whenever ice skating began, it was very popular even to this day. You have to have skills to learn how to ice skate. At the 2010 Olympics on the NBC Universal network, there were approximately 190 million unduplicated viewers who watched it. It’s a very good sport to help you with your legs and thighs. It wasn't until the mid-19th century that ice skating separated into two forms. Whenever you ice skate, you should wear a t-shirt with a jacket. It is best. You never want to wear jeans. Whenever ice skates first came out, the blades were made out of the bones of horses, cows, deer or other animals and strapped to the feet! If you think about it, the modern word for “skate” comes from the Dutch word meaning leg bone. Joann Schneider Farris invented the modern version of the ice skate, screws mount steel blades to a boot at the sole and heel. Whenever ice skates first came out, the blades were made out of iron and tied to shoes with straps.

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My Favorite App Facebook.

My favorite app is Facebook for many reasons. Facebook was found in February 2004. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users which 9% are fake. You can talk to friends, family and relatives that live far away from you. You can also play games on Facebook, but I rarely play games on Facebook. There are many things you can do on Facebook such as spying on people or learning about people. I just go on there to talk to my friends.

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Movie Review

Whenever the little girl is in school, Larry visits the school and make's a horrible mistake. He tells a child that the Tooth Fairy is not real. Whenever the child finds this out, she is so sad! Larry needs to become a Tooth Fairy or face having his memories erased for good! The Tooth Fairy demands that Larry’s punishment is temporarily serving as a Tooth Fairy, so he can prove that Tooth Fairies really do exist to little kids. Larry must retrieve 20 teeth in 20 days, so he can prove that Tooth fairies exist and so he can have the love of his life back!

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Motivational Add

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