Water Problems In Mozambique

By: Aidan Hammond

What Is Wrong With the Water?

The surface and coastal water is being polluted from human and animal waste, farm runoff and burning of fossil fuels. There is also a lack of water from reoccuring drouts farther from the coast.

Why the water is this way and the effects of it.

Why is the water this way?

The water is being polluted from people farming. Since Mozambique has mostly subsistence farmers, the farmers use chemical fertilizers or other chemicals to keep bugs off plants. And when it rains, the chemicals go into the ground and soak into rivers, lakes and sometimes reach the ocean.

The effects of polluted water.

If the water that the people drink gets polluted, they can get parsidic worms that infect the human. It can cause diarreah, dehydration, and death if they can not treat the sickness. The same thing can happen in animals,too.

A sollution to the problem.

The farmers could use natural ways to get rid of bug. They could also use natural fertilizer like scat from cows, or humans! Also the mozambiquans could make water filters like a spring box design to filter the worms, bacteria and chemicals.

Who can fund this project?

I think that a possible patron could be either the government, or ecological companies that will go to Mozambique. But if nobody can fund this project, the farmers will have to try and use everything they can to build the springboxes and sell some of their crops to earn a few extra dollars to try and have cleaner drinking water.