Learn about Charley

Charley was the first of four to knowingly impact Florida within the 6 weeks during the hurricane season in 2004. Charley was in category 4 (SSHS). August 4th 2004 was the tropical date and following the next day was the actual hurricane date. It hit land on August 11th 2004.

Background information on Charley

The location of Charley was in Florida from Punta Gorda, to Port Charlotte, t Orlando and then to Palm Coast. The latitude of Charley was 26º, 05’ and the longitude was 69º, 00’. The location of the body of the water was South of Kingston, Jamaica. The windspeed was increases very much in this hurricane but, the overall maximum windspeed was 115 miles per hour. The central pressure fell from 964 mb to 941 mb in 4.5 hours. But the maximum wind speed was 150 mph. The highest storm tide was 13.1 feet. The total rainfall amount was 5.87 inches.

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