Severe Weater

By: Nathan Parker


What is a Hurricane?

A large storm that forms over warm oceans.

WOW fact!

A hurricane can last a long time if it has warm water to feed it!

Safty tip!

stay away from windows.


What is a Tornado?

A small,funnel-shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud with wind spinning at very high speeds.

WOW fact!

Tornadoes over water are called water spouts!

Safty tip!

Find a safe place away from windows;If you cannot find shelter lie flat in a ditch or other low place;and do not stay in your car!


What is a Thunderstorm?

A sever storm with lightning,thunder,heavy rain can cause flooding;hail may also form.

WOW fact!

lightning can be hotter than the sun!

Safty tip!

Stay inside if possible;stay out of water;and do not stand under trees.