Beach Erosion

Human Dependence Project by Ally de Vera

The Two Main Issues

Their is always sand being removed and added to them. The sand can be changed many times over the course of the year depending on the frequency of the storms. The beach is loosing sand faster then it can be replenished.

The sand that is lost is carried away by currents ad collected to make dams. This over time can cause beach loss. It also effects the area and the organimd in it that the sand is carried to.

Beach erosion is a silent killer. It is quickly taking away the Gulf Coast Region. Without we are going to lose the natural shore line of the coast. With this we lose our natural hurricane barrier.

We are also going to affect our economy greatly. It affects natural habitats and the hunting and fishing industry's are affected along with the oil industry.

Negitive effects on the enviornment.

I has a large effect on sea organisms. When we lose the natural barrier it makes storms more severe and can wipe out entire costal neighborhood.

The Main Region it effects is the Gulf Coast Region

Collaroy Narrabeen Beach Erosion Time Lapse

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What Can we do to prevent it?

An interesting invention for saving the beaches is Sandsaver, it is a natural solution to Beach Erosion. It is invention that lessons the impact of the waves on the shore and it decreases the amount of sand it takes with it.

My Solution

I don't think this would be able to be in effect right away, but what if we could replenish the sand the beach has lost. Only beaches that absolutely need it though because it will come at a very high price.