Desktop Publisher

What they do.

What are the basic skills reqiured for this job?

Well you need to be very comfertable around a computer or any electronics. You also need to have a talant for art.

What type of activites are required for this job?

The activites you for this job inculudes animaton moives, newspapers, posters and sometimes they do it for themselfs.

What are the working conditions and phisical demands?

Well you have to usaly work 8 hours a day but it dedpends sometimes the deadline is short and they have to work extra hours to get it done. They also have to do two projects at a time becuase sometimes you think you have a lot a time but then another project comes along that needs emidiot attition.

What are the work hour and travel?

You work about 8 hours a day and and yesyou do have to travel if you need to do a project for someone in a differnt state.

What are the educational requirements for this job?

No you do not have to have a educational dipolma for this job some people dont even finish high school and they apply for this job, tecnicaly all you need is a talat for art and know how to work on a computer.

What is the natonal wage for this job?

They make about 34,000 dollars yearly.

What is the wage for Texas?

About 21,000 yearly.

What is the outlook for this job?

I think with out this job there wouldnt be posters, animated movies or news paper pictures.