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NFL (National Football League)

Schooling years

To be a professional football player, you must go through many schooling years and you need good grades. First, you need to go through elementary school, then high school, and also 3-4 years of college. Its a good idea to hit the books now.


On average, a single NFL player makes about $1.9 million per year. People say that this is unfair and bad to player compared to other sport players. NFL is one of the most popular sports in America.
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offense is the side that has the ball. You can run the ball and the QB can pass the ball as long as they do not pass the line of scrimmage. Also if the ball is lateraled back to someone they can through it as long as they don't pass the line of scrimmage if they do they can only pass the ball backwards.
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Being a football player could be hard . First of all, you are not going to be able to see your family. Your going to be gone ALL the time. The only time your going to see your family is when football season isn't going on. Lastly, your going to have practice and games ALL the time. The only time you get a break is when you injure yourself.
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Being a football player is very dangerous. You can get injured with a leg, arm, head,etc. If someone hits you too hard, you can even die or get seriously injured.
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defense is where you tackle and try to stop the other team from scoring a touchdown, And from making a field goal which is the yellow pole with the u and the special teams also the offense have to try to score a touchdown or make a field goal and defense has to try to stop it.
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Being a football player could also be good because of popularity reasons. Being popular or good in football could be a really good feeling. It helps you boost your confidence and it makes you want to try harder and get better, which means more skill. Some fans will like you and some wont. It might be hard to get over the fact that not everyone likes you. If you make a mistake on the biggest play of the season, you feel bad about it, but one way to win over the fans is to make an unbelievable catch.
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Retirement is when you decide to stop playing football in the NFL. The limit for age in the NFL is 55 years old. After retirement, the average pay per month is $470 per month.
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Hall Of Fame

The hall of fame is vey serious. Its for the best of the best who have played the best during their time in the NFL. Many NFL stars such as Joe Montana have been inducted to the Hall of Fame for what they are best known for. Jerry Rice was inducted because of his amazing catches.
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If you ever want to get into the NFL, you need to have a great skill such as speed or a good arm. If you ever want to get drafted to the NFL from college, you want people to see how good you are so you can actually get there.
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Super Bowl

Monday, Feb. 2nd, 3am

1 Cardinals Drive

Glendale, AZ

The Super Bowl is the last and most important game of the season. Its between the last two teams. The winner is the champion of that season
A Guide To American Football
These are the basic rules of football that you need to know if you want to play in NFL. As we all know, if you want to play a sport, you need to know how to play it.