Parent Night News

Kientz/Schupp Team - In case you missed out Thursday night

Parent Teacher Communication

  • E-mail is the easiest way to communicate with us (,
  • We can set up face to face meetings during our plan time when we don't have other meetings which is from 1:20-2:40
  • We will send out a weekly newsletter in THIS format through e-mail so be looking for those - usually on Fridays: this will include what we are covering in all four core subjects, important dates/events, birthdays, and occasionally pictures!
  • You can call the school and leave a voicemail for us
  • Please allow at least 24 hours for us to reply back to your communication. We will always get back to you as soon as we are able to, but if it is an emergency, please contact the office. Thank you!
  • Refer to our team website for more information about our team as well : (This includes the learning targets we are covering in each core subject this year).

Student Agendas

  • Students should be writing in their agendas daily in core subjects (Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science)
  • They should also write any homework they have and HIGHLIGHT it!
  • Need to be signed by parent or adult at home every night! This helps you know what your student did that day in school and also helps you keep them accountable for any homework they have.
  • Agendas are checked once a week on Fridays during Mustang Time
  • Students will be rewarded or have consequences based on classroom discipline policy (for example: dojo/candy)
  • Bridle Ridge School Rules and Discipline information can be found in agenda.
  • Tardies are also located in agenda.
  • Our team does NOT use hall passes in agenda - we use the hanging hall passes instead.

Homework/Take Home Folders

We don't generally assign homework on our team because we understand that 6th graders have lives outside of school and we want to be there to help students practice the skills. There will occasionally be homework from our core classes when students don't finish something in class. They can usually still get help on these assignments during Mustang Time if they ask us.

Any notes, graded papers, or homework that goes home will go home in the new red take home folders that your student should have brought home for the first time today. Graded work and flyers will go on the "yours to keep" side and homework or things that need to be signed and returned will go on the "return to school" side. Hopefully this will help to keep us all a bit more organized. Please try to check this regularly as well as their agendas.

Tardy/Materials Procedure

We have implemented a procedure for tardies and bringing materials to class in our team to help students prepare for middle school and to help them to be successful.

  • The discipline policy in the agenda states that if a student fails to bring their agenda or materials to class they will receive a written warning after the first violation, a 1 hour detention after the second violation, and a 2 hour detention after the third violation. We thought that policy did not offer enough grace to our students, so here is what we decided on for our team:
  1. We have combined the tardy and forgotten materials procedures.
  2. When a student is tardy to one of our classes (other than when they first arrive and check in at the office) and arrives after we have shut the door after passing time, we will document a tardy in their agenda.
  3. If a student forgets their materials in class (ex. math journal, ELA binder, library books, etc.) we will document a tardy in their agenda as well and they will go and retrieve their materials from their locker.
  4. The agenda allows for FOUR "tardies" before the student is given a written warning. This written warning will be filed and sent home in the mail, but it is still a warning. This does NOT mean they had to see Mrs. Jones or have any other disciplinary measures.
  5. If the tardies or missing materials continue after the written warning, the agenda allows for THREE MORE "tardies" before the student would receive a 1 hour detention discipline referral.
  6. If the tardies or missing materials STILL continue after the detention, the agenda allows for TWO more "tardies" before the student would lose passing time and locker privileges.
  7. We did not implement this policy for the first 2 and a half weeks - so we gave them verbal and visual reminders those 3 weeks.
  8. Materials needed for class are written on the board every day.
  9. Materials needed for class are verbally stated by Miss Kientz and Mr. Schupp daily.
  10. Sometimes students can "use their resources" and come up with a way to get by without their supplies that day instead of taking a tardy. (ex. use notebook paper instead of their math journal and glue it in later).
*We feel that we are giving the students many opportunities to succeed as well as holding them accountable for having what they need to participate and do their best in our classes. We hope you will support us in this. Thank you!


13th - Thomas

We hope you had a wonderful birthday!