Membership/Characteristics of U.S Senate


  • Must be atleast 30 years old
  • Citizens of the U.S for 9 years
  • Legal residents of the state they are representing

Terms of Office

  • Elections are held in November of every even numbered year
  • Terms begin January 3rd
  • Senators are given 6 year terms
  • Re-elections are every 2 years
  • If a Senator dies, the governor is to appoint someone to fill the vaccany until a special election can be held

Salary and Benefits

  • Both Senate and the House of Represenativs chose their own salary
  • In 1789, the 27th amemdment was ratified to prevent the congress from raising their pay
  • Members are entitled to an income tax deduction to help maintain two residences, one in D.C and in their home state
  • Retired congress gets up the $50,000 or more every year of life


  • Free from arrest except for cases of treason, felony, and breach of peace
  • Can not be sued for anything said on the House or Senate floor
  • Privileges are not extended outside of congress
  • Each house may refuse to seat and elector by majority vote