By Andres Abrego

  1. the lighting design is used to set the mood and tone of the scene
  2. without lights we would never tell if the mood is happy or sad
  3. can be used to represent weather conditions
  4. without it we would never know if its night or day during the play
  5. main thing about it is that with out it we would never truly have that emotional feeling that you get due to lights.
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  1. this is the sounds that happen backstage
  2. set up tone
  3. set up mood
  4. they used to use man made sounds before
  5. can really decide people view towards a scene
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  1. shows time
  2. shows what charterers wear
  3. what they look like
  4. can show personality in a character
  5. can show who is good or bad based on color of costume
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  1. designs and gets ideas for play
  2. chooses materials that will be used
  3. will decide what type of set will be used
  4. type of materials and colors that will be used on set
  5. must show tone and mood
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  1. chooses design
  2. chooses set type
  3. chooses color of set
  4. controls the setting
  5. huge on setting up a mood and tone for the play.
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