by Allie alt

Molly pitcher

Molly pitcher was a inspiring person who took her husbands place when he was wounded.She was born on October 13 1754.She lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She contributed to the war because she fought in her husbands place. Molly pitcher should be honored and remembered because she was a patriot hero who carried pitchers of water to soldiers and helped with cannon duty during the american revolution battle of Monmouth.She died in Carlisle, Pennsylvania,on January 22 1832.

fun facts on molly pitcher

Molly pitches real name was Mary hays. Mary hays was known as sergent molly after the battle of Monmouth. Marquret Corbin was a women who inspired molly pitcher. Marquret corbin got shot by a musket ball at the arm. Corbins wounded arm never healed right and never used it the same.

battle of bunker hill

The colonist and the British were involved. The British defeated the Americans and provided a confidence boost. That happened on Breeds Hill. This event was important because it was the Shot heard around the world. This event happened because the British general overlooked Boston Massachusetts and lead the British agent Breeds Hill. the colonists responded by killing 1,000 British soldiers.

fun facts on battle of battle of bunker hill

The British defeated the colonists because they ran out of ammunition. they called the battle of bunker hill because the battle was going to be on battle of bunker hill but was on breeds hill.