Have fun with your CRAZY bounce house and delicious pizza!

By: Sam Wilson, Kemp 1st Period, Math

Where and When!

This crazy party for 7th graders will be in the cafeteria at 12:30 pm near the end of the year, so have fun, bounce to your hearts content, and eat some pizza while your at it.

What We're Going To Do!

When arriving at the party you will be shown to the bounce house then later into the party you will receive a piece of pizza and a bottle of water to fill your tummy. Make sure to have LOTS OF FUN!

For the Principle and the Planners

My Plan

While looking and doing a little math with the information from the flyers, i ended up with choosing the Pizza Palace plan for the food and the Jumpin' Jacks plan for the bounce house. I chose the Pizza plan because it cost less money for more kids than the Burger Bash and i figured that kids would want pizza more than burgers. After figuring out what food was best for budget and kids happiness, i did the math with the bounce house plans and i ended up choosing the Jumpin Jacks plan because it cost less money for longer hours than the Bouncin Around plan.

Food Planning

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Bounce House Planning

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