By - Tia and Taylor

Comparing ionic and covalent bonds

Drawing bonds

How to draw an ionic bond

1. Write the formula (if not given)

2.put the oddball ion in the middle

3.arange all other elements around it

4. surround anions with electrons (2 on each side)

How to draw a covalent bond

1. Add up all the valance electrons of the atoms involved. ex CF4

So C has 4 and F has 7 (x4 we have 4Fs) = 32 valence electrons

2. You need to pick the central atom. This is usually easy, this atom will be surrounded by the others. Never H.

So C will be surrounded by F's.

3. Now we create our skeleton structure by placing bonds in. A bond is a dash that represents 2 electrons.

4. Starting with the outer atoms add the remaining electrons in pairs until all the electrons have run out.

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