Computer Components



The motherboard is the main circuit board in your PC. It connects the CPU, RAM, disk drives and graphics/sound card.
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Anatomy of a Motherboard - How a VRM works, MOSFETs, Chokes, Chipset, & PCI-e


Ram stands for Random Access Memory. It stores data while the computer is running but it loses it when it is switched off.

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How Does RAM Works (Computer Memory)


The CPU is the central processing unit is a chip that runs PC programs.

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How Does C.P.U Work ???

video card

The video card help to process anything that you use on the computer.
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Beginners Guide to Video Cards

power suply

The power supply is found in the inside at the top of the computer and it is designed to make the computer work.
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Jim Gibson Explains How Uninterrupted Power Supply Works

hard disk

It is a high capacity storage drive. The hard disk is usually internal and can store large programs along the personal files and documents.
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Hard Disk Working | How does a hard disk work | Hard Drive

optical drive

An optical drive is a system that allows you to use CDs, DVDs and blue-ray discs
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Optical Drive

heat sink

The heat sink helps to keep the CPU cool
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How Heatsinks Work