9-1-1 WATER

H2O is important

Why is H2O important?

H2O (water) is important because water keeps us healthy, strong, active and energetic. Citizens in Flint, Michigan were drinking the water from the rivers. About 18 months later, the amount of children with irregular levels of lead in their blood had increased. This situation began when the city switched with Detroit's water source to cut costs. Then the salt water started to rust its old pipes. Even though water tests failed several times after they switched the water, citizens weren't notified about the water for 9 months. Federal officials started to investigate so Governor Rick Snyder announced a state of emergency this week. For them to have clean water, the state pledged $10.6 million to fix the mess, but it was worth saving the Earth and the people.

What can we do to help?

Mr. Salerno's Grade 5 class is attempting to raise 750 brand new water bottles for Flint, Michigan. We are trying to help out Flint by offering as many water bottles as we can for no cost.