Paxton Faculty Newsletter

Week of August 20, 2018

At Paxton, we do everything with PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE in EPIC proportions!

Let's make it P.O.P!


Paxton School enables student achievement with a dynamic faculty devoted to high academic standards and commitment to continuous improvement and success.

It’s H.A.M.R. Time!

High Expectations + Accountability + Motivation = Results

In the Spotlight

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Mr. Hughes welcoming our students back for another EPIC year at Paxton.

Differentiated Accountability: We are proudly educating 804 future leaders.

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Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

NOTE: Click the title "Instructional Focus" and it will take you to the Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

1.1 Create long-range plans based on a review of state content standards, student needs, and district/school instructional priorities.

1.2 Define learning goals with objectives for the unit and daily plans.

1.3 Lesson plans demonstrate knowledge of the content, relationships between important concepts, instructional strategies, and organizes activities in an appropriate sequence.

1.4 Lesson plans are revised and/or differentiated based on student needs.

1.5 Plan and prepare lessons that require students to engage in rigorous activities and content aligned with state standards.

1.6 Uses data prior to planning instruction.

High Expectations begin with effective planning.

Evaluation "Look-Fors" will be sent to you via e-mail this week.

Our Focus this quarter will be planning, posting, and using our Daily Learning Targets in our instruction.

Professional Development Updates

August 21 - SpringBoard Training for English teachers from 8-3 at CHAT Center

August 23 - Vertical Planning for Writing for grades 2-5 (refer to e-mailed schedule)

August 24 - Vertical Planning for Writing for grades K-1 (refer to e-mailed schedule)

August 24 - ESE Day for all ESE teachers from 8-12 at CHAT Center.

Early Release Day (August 31) PD Schedule:


Topic: Professional Learning Experience: Lesson Targets

  • Meeting in expert groups to dissect and analyze assigned chapters; each expert group will contain one member from each home group.
  • All teachers should have read the book by this date

Where: Media Center
Materials: Lesson Target book, paper, pencil/pen

Important Information

  • School-wide Reading Initiative: Begins Tuesday, August 21st during 4th Period

  1. The PHS Reading Initiative (Daily Reading) will take place for 20 minutes of the fourth period extended period. This will still allow 50 minutes for subject-area teaching. The reading will be assigned in English classes and will not be the responsibility of a non-ELA fourth period teacher.
  2. It is expected that ALL 4th Period teachers present this initiative to students as an opportunity for growth and participate with the exception of those classes that are exempt such as Advanced Placement classes.

  • Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom: It is imperative ALL teachers adhere to the following classroom procedures regarding cell phone usage in the classroom. All cell phones are to be off and out of sight in the classroom. This includes listening to music with earphones. Classroom Disciplinary Procedures regarding cell phones: Record the infraction on the Behavior Tracking Form in the Student Planner and take the phone up. The phone should be sent to the office and parents will be contacted. It is imperative we all have the same expectations regarding cell phone usage in the classroom.
  • Attendance: Attendance should be taken each day. Secondary teachers need to take attendance each period in an effort to monitor students throughout the day.
  • Opportunity for Service: If you are interested in earning comp time, a sign up sheet to take up money for our upcoming middle school basketball games is in the office.
  • MTSS Meetings: Our MTSS meetings have been changed to Thursdays each week instead of Wednesdays. Please make this change in your Teacher Handbook.
  • Passes: If you give verbal permission for students to go to the bathroom before the tardy bell, please ask them to take a pass.
  • Substitutes: Please use only the CURRENT and APPROVED Substitute List if you choose to obtain your own substitutes.
  • Passwords: Please do NOT give out your passwords to anyone.
  • Absences: Any time you are going to be out, please contact Ms. Cain, Ms. Neale, or Mr. Jackson.

Calendar Additions:

Monday, August 20:

  • Activity Schedule (Class Elections) - All students will report directly to their assigned location that was e-mailed to you last week. A grade level list will be available so you can take attendance. Place a check by their name if they are present and an "A" by their name if they are absent. Turn these in to Ms. Anderson and we will compare to our 1st period attendance.
  • PTO Meeting will be held in Rm. 106 at 6:00 to vote on officers and plan fundraisers for the 2018-19 school year. PTO would like to invite you to attend and I would encourage your participation and input.
Tuesday, August 21:
  • Fire Drill at 1:45 pm
Thursday, August 23:
  • Principal's Meeting - Please text or email me if you need me.
Friday, August 24:
  • Elementary Dance from 2:45-4:30

NOTE: If there are any changes or additions, please contact the front office.