The Job Interview Process

Lucas Kneeland

Before The Interview

Before the interview, you should research the company to find their values. You can find what they look for in an employee, so you can ace the interview.
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During The Interview

You should be about 5-10 minutes early for the interview. Always greet the employer with a smile and a firm handshake. Always bring extra copies of your resume, cover letter, and references just in case they need them. And always have questions prepared for you to ask.
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5 Common Questions And Tips To Answer Them

Why did you leave your last job?

Stay positive about your last job. And be completely honest. If you quit, tell them why. Don't talk trash about your last employer. They will most likely be calling your employer later on.

Describe your greatest accomplishments

Always give two or three accomplishments. Use ones you got an official award for, or individual recognition for. Describe your ability to be a team player. But don't be funny or irrelevant.

How do people describe you?

Focus on characteristics necessary for the job. And prepare your answers in advance so they can be structured properly, not to make you look bad. But you need to explain why people would describe you like that, not just list some things off.

Why should we hire you?

Remember, they are taking a risk if they hire you. Use characteristics from the job description to explain why you should be hired. Structure your answers to show you meet the requirements.

When can you start?

Know the answer before they ask. If they need you earlier than you can start, be flexible. Don't quit your job until you have written proof that you are being hired. And don't leave without sufficient notice to your employer.

25 Most Common Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them
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After The Interview

When you are leaving, say "thank you for your time" and give a firm handshake. And a few days after the interview, send a thank you note telling them thank you for their time and consideration, they did take their time of course.
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Dress For Success

How to Dress For Every Job Interview!

Interview Don'ts

  • Don't wear a lot of perfume or cologne
  • Don't wear too much jewelry, a watch is fine
  • Don't fidget your hands
  • Don't wear a t-shirt
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