Weekly Newsletter

Unit: Boxes

Boxes, boxes, boxes!!!

Dear Parents,

This week we started our new unit on Boxes. At the beginning of the week, we created a chart that shows what we know about boxes and their use. We then went to our centers that were filled with fun and exciting activities related to this unit. In the art center, each child made a letter for a special person in their lives. They had to take that letter and place it in the PK 3.2 Mailbox. Some of them were able to start scribbling in such a way that they were writing. It turned out to be an incredible activity.

In the toys and games center, we used reusable cereal boxes to make puzzle. It was a simple and fun project that can easily be made at home. The front of the box was cut into different pieces and then they had to put the pieces back together.

The dramatic center has become a new source of entertainment where the students can go to the supermarket and buy food. We were able to use all the boxes that you have sent from home through out this semester so please send some more!


Miss Camila and Miss Giselle


Here is Sofia, Mariana and Giovanna writing their letters to that special somebody!

Fit in Box!!

Anastasia, Beatriz and Maria Corina practiced their fine motor skills by placing the different shapes in the correct place. This can also be done at home with a shoe box or any type of box.


Caio was able to build the puzzle back using his problem solving skills!

Can you build your name?

Here we can see how Ana Maria, Gabriela and Caio are able to build their names using a name tag and the separate letters.


Dear Friends,

In an effort to support school initiatives, SRC will be holding a Shoe-Athon to donate to “Un Futuro Mejor Foundation”. This is a foundation founded by Mr. Hackin to help Kuna children who live in the Panama City.

On Friday, November 22 , children who bring a pair of shoes in good conditions (or two if they want), get to wear free clothes. There will also be a “boli” sale during recess. Each “boli” will cost 50 cents.This money will be used by the SRC for the FANLYC Christmas party in December.

A boli is an icy in a plastic bag which we will have frozen solid for everyone’s delight!

Thank you,

Sandy Stargardter & SRC Members