Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Classical Period 1756 - 1791

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Earley life

Mozart grew up with a father who was also a musician. At the age of five he composed a minuet and played harpsichord and violin and at the age of nine he composed his first symphony. Wolfgang toured around Europe with his older sister Nannerl and played for kings, emperors and other royalty such as Queen Marie, Antoinette of France, and king Gorge the third of England..
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When Mozart moved to Vienna he married Constanze Weber in 1781 and had six children but only two of them lived. Mozart constantly had financial problems in his later years. In 1791 Wolfgang died in Vienna, Austria at 35, penniless. Because of Wolfgang's constant travels he eventually learned how to speak 15 different languages.
The Best of Mozart

Above are some pieces that mozart wrote

Mozart is one of the greatest composers of all time but wasn't always serious. As a child Mozart was described as silly and childish, an example of that is one time he went under a table and grabbed a lady so she would scream.

Some of Mozarts pieces

  • variation on twinkle twinkle little star
  • Symphony NO 1
  • symphony NO 41
  • requiem

Facts about Mozart

In 1769 Mozart took a trip to Rome to hear the "Sistine choir" sing and he was able to put the entire show on paper from memory. After Mozart's death a man called Kochel studied Mozart's music and tried to put them in chronological order and gave them a number. The largest Kochel number is 626.


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