By Cameron Yates

All about Islam

The followers of Islam are called Muslims. The central teachings and beliefs of Islam are, believing in the Sabbath, which is the day of worship and the 6 main beliefs: Believing in Allah, believing in Angles, belief in the holy books, belief in the prophets, belief in the day of judgement, and last but not least belief in predestination .The five pillars of faith are the framework of Muslim life.They will also perform prayers at the mosque on Fridays. The sacraments and teachings of Islam are: The five pillars of faith which are shahada, salat, zakat, siyam, hajj.The place of worship is called the mosque which is were they say their prayers and worship. The leaders of worship are called the Imam which is the prayer leader and the mullah which is the teacher. The holy book the Muslims read out of is called the Qu'ran which is dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel written in Arabic. Some of the holidays the Muslims celebrated are Ramadan which celebrates Allah giving Muhammad a message. Another one also celebrates Eid al Fitr which is celebrating the end of Ramadan with gifts, food, family, thanks, etc. The holy cities or places that remain very important to the religion of Islam are Jerusalem, in which that is where it originated and the Dome of the rock is also in Jerusalem. Besides god the most common figure between all the gods is Abraham. All three religions are monotheistic and follow only one god.